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Four reasons why...


Flexibility you need...

You choose when and where you work, with zero hours contracts.


People you like...

You’ll meet some great people – future colleagues or even friends for life.


Experiences you love...

You’ll work at world-famous events and venues, full of history and culture.


Opportunities to grow...

You’ll get the chance to improve your skills, learn new ones and raise your rates.

Our range of roles

Illustration emphasizing High Society's commitment to teamwork and a collaborative spirit in event services.

Team Player

Team Players are our staff front-line, working together to deliver the best service possible. They’ll follow both the briefing set out by the manager at the start of the event, and the instructions given by their Team Leaders throughout. In terms of work, this could be dinner service, canapé distribution, bowl food provision, clearing, and drink serving. But whatever they do, they’ll always be friendly and approachable.

Candid shot capturing a dynamic moment during a High Society event, showcasing the team's expertise.


Our Ambassador arrives at the start of the event, and signs in our team members before the work begins. These Ambassadors always have a mobile or digital timesheet and will make sure all staff arrive on time, as well as making decisions as to whether reserves stay and work. They’re also responsible for maintaining high standards throughout the shift, ensuring both impeccable appearance and impressive performance from everyone. And they act as the point of contact between the manager on-site and the High Society office and staff, as well as sending shift feedback after the event.

High Society's skilled and professional bar staff ensuring top-notch service, adding a premium touch to events.

Bar Staff

Bar Staff work together to provide drinks smoothly, efficiently and with charm, following the manager’s pre-event briefing, as well as any instructions given by Team Leaders during the event. They are confident not only opening and pouring bottles of wine and champagne, but also making spirit mixers and in some cases pouring pints, but this will be specified when booking. They may also be required to set up the bar at the start of the event and take it down afterwards, so they must also be skilled at boxing tablecloths. Like all our people, they’ll always be friendly and approachable.

Image representation highlighting High Society's strong leadership qualities and dedication to exceptional service.

Team Leader

Team Leaders lead their teams of staff members during service and may also be responsible for assisting with guest dietary requirements and allergens. They will direct and lead the teams throughout service, also ensuring that they’ve communicated about all allergens clearly and correctly to the rest of the team. And they’ll be there to answer any questions from team players and liaise with managers if any issues arise.

Image showcasing High Society's talented baristas, elevating the beverage experience at events with skill and precision.


Like the Bar Staff, our Baristas team up to deliver hot drinks with skill and speed, according to the managers briefing and any instructions given by Team Leaders at any time during the event. They’ll be confident setting up, cleaning, using and breaking down a professional espresso-style barista machine, and will be able to make all styles of coffee and other hot beverages. And of course they’ll be amiable, positive and helpful at all times.

Your kind of events and venues:

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